Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Yes, HydroSketch runs on any desktop or laptop computer that can run the Google Chrome web-browser.
HydroSketch was designed for computers that have ample screen space for piping and wiring schematics. Without that screen space the ability to make detailed drawings is very limited, and the process is cumbersome. Because of this HydroSketch was not designed to operate on tablets or cell phones.


The standard HydroSketch license allows up to 3 individuals to access the software for a license period of 3 years.
Go to the Manage Users section, on the User Dashboard page, and add the email address of the new user. If you already have three active users and wish to add more users then you have to purchase a new license for up to three users.

Schematic Sharing, Saving & Printing

Yes, you can use the Export command to create a file of your drawing. That file will have the .hs extension added to it. That file can then be sent via e-mail or loaded onto a storage device for transference to other HydroSketch users.
Click on the file menu above the drawing canvas and select print. You will then see several options for how your drawing can be printed to your connected printers.
HydroSketch does not have a native print to PDF output option. However, you can use one of several freely available screen capture software tools, or the screen capture functions built into modern operating systems to capture any portion of the drawing area and save it in one of several files formats such as PDF and JPEG.
You are only allowed to export in the professional version.

More Help

Always start with the help menu. It allows you to access the complete user manual and a listing of keyboard shortcuts for HydroSketch. If you can’t find an answer in these resources send an e-mail to: